British Tourist Jailed For Sniffing Cocaine From Pablo Escobar's Grave

A British tourist who "sniffed cocaine from the grave of Pablo Escobar as part of a bet" four years ago and pledged never to return to Colombia has been imprisoned alongside members of his drug-smuggling gang, according to The Metro.

The news outlet reported that Steven Semmens, 39, was jailed at Swansea Crown Court for 13 and a half years on Thursday alongside Andrew Botto, 34, Shane White, 34, and Ieuan Emlyn Williams, 37, who all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine between April 2020 and August 2021. They have been sentenced to a total of more than 52 years between them. The gang was led by Shane White, who wanted to sell drugs on the streets of South Wales.

The group was detained as part of Operation Wizard, according to South Wales Police, after it was discovered that they were involved in smuggling and importing numerous kilogrammes of class A and B drugs into the UK.

According to a report by indy100, during a trip to Colombia in 2018, Steven Semmens video taped his shocking actions of snorting cocaine off Pablo Escobar's grave on Facebook Live. The 39-year-old said he carried out the tasteless stunt as a bet among friends but did not expect things to go as far as they did.

The video went viral and scared Semmens shaved his head in an attempt to hide his identity. However, his efforts were short-lived when authorities found him and kicked him out of the South American country.

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