Watch: Railways Ministry Shares A Glimpse Of Revamped Train Coaches Adorned With Art

The Ministry of Railways on Tuesday shared a video showing a new set of revamped train coaches. The 'coach facelift' initiative has been undertaken by the Sealdah Division of the Eastern Railway in order to revamp the otherwise-dull train coaches and make them more vibrant. The video shows a coach of a local train operating in West Bengal, facelifted with colourful art and bright LED lights. The walls of the coach can be seen adorned with murals and paintings, portraying India's diverse culture.

Sharing the video, Indian Railways wrote, ''Uplifting your Travel Experience! A coach facelift initiative has been undertaken by the Sealdah Division of @EasternRailway, where coaches are being adorned with art. Catch a glimpse of a train that runs on the Sealdah-Bangaon section.''

Watch the video here:

Many users flocked to the comment section to appreciate the unique initiative and praised Indian Railways. One user wrote, ''Great initiative to showcase and save the rich Indian and especially regional culture in the form of art.I think trains on all local routes could be decorated like this and in other similar designs !!!'' Another said, ''Great initiative by team.''

However, not everyone was impressed with the art. Many found it unappealing and said that the Railways should focus more on improving its service and pay heed to problems faced by commuters.

A third user reacted to the video and wrote, ''Gaudy Awful Claustrophobic... Graffiti Artists do better JobsDo some Good Maintenance n Improve Services n Coach Quality instead.''

A fourth commented, ''Please!! Employ good and professional artists for this. Else leave it as is. This is not a facelift. Its a spoiler!!'' A fifth added, ''Painting uplifts the travel experience? A waste of money in my books.''

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