"Conspiracy": Delhi Car Horror Victim's Mother Denies Friend's Claims

The mother of the woman who died after being dragged by a car in Delhi on Wednesday said the victim's friend "might be involved" in the "well thought-out conspiracy". Rekha, who is Anjali's mother, said she does not know Nidhi, who has claimed to be Anjali's friend.

"She was in a drunken state but insisted on driving the two-wheeler. After being hit by the car, she came under it and got dragged with it. I was scared. I ran away and returned home. I didn't tell anything to anyone. It is her fault that she was driving in a drunken state. I had asked her not to drive, that I was conscious and I could do it. But she didn't believe me," Nidhi claimed before the media yesterday.

Refuting her claims, Anjali's mother said she would not believe her as her daughter "never used to drink".

Speaking to ANI, Rekha questioned why Nidhi left the spot of the accident if she was Anjali's friend and termed the incident a "well thought-out conspiracy".

"What Nidhi is saying is all wrong. If Nidhi was my daughter's friend, then how did she leave her alone? This is a well thought-out conspiracy, Nidhi might be involved in this. There should be an investigation," she said.

"I don't know Nidhi, I have never seen her. Anjali never used to drink, she never came home in an inebriated state, and we don't believe whatever claims Nidhi made," Rekha added.

She also demanded punishment for the accused who have been arrested. "The five men should be punished," she said.

Meanwhile, Anjali's maternal uncle, Prem also suspected Nidhi's involvement in the case and demanded a CBI inquiry into the case.

"Nidhi and her family should have informed the police about the incident. Nidhi should be interrogated. She too is involved. We demand a CBI inquiry in the case. It isn't a small case, it's a painful incident," he said.

Special Commissioner of Delhi Police Shalini Singh said that the inquiry into the incident is underway and the police are analysing every perspective.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has found a CCTV footage in which Anjali and Nidhi were seen coming out of a hotel at around 1.30 am on January 1. The hotel's manager has revealed that they had a fight in the hotel after which they left on a scooty.

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