"Delhi Lt Governor Acting Like Tribal Chieftain": Manish Sisodia

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia today slammed LG V K Saxena, alleging he was acting like a "tribal chieftain to appease his big boss" by "interfering" in an elected government's work.

Addressing the Delhi Assembly on the third day of its session, Mr Sisodia stressed that the Supreme Court has said the LG or administrator is bound by the aid and advice of the elected government.

But let alone aid or advice, the LG was not even consulting the government, he alleged, adding, "This is happening for the first time in the country."

"According to Constitution, the decision on local governance has to be taken by states, not the Centre. Delhi LG is not obeying Constitution or the decision of the Supreme Court's constitution bench," Mr Sisodia alleged.

He said the Delhi LG was not a tribal chieftain but was acting like one by not obeying Constitution or Supreme Court. "I urge Delhi LG to not act like a tribal chieftain to appease his big boss, but to follow Constitution."

Mr Sisodia alleged the nomination of aldermen in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi by LG was "unconstitutional" and accused him of changing the proposal of the city government, instead of expressing his opinion on it.

"Instead of paying attention to law and order, Delhi Police and land encroachment, the LG is interfering in an elected government's work," he added.

On Tuesday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal used the Hindi proverb "begaani shaadi mein Abdullah deewana" to hit out at LG VK Saxena, questioning his authority with a "he is not my headmaster" jibe.

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