"Thamizhagam More Appropriate Than Tamil Nadu": Row Over Governor RN Ravi's Remark

Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi sparked a fresh controversy when he commented that the name of the State "Thamizhagam would be more appropriate than Tamil Nadu."

Following the Governor's comments, Twitter buzzed with #TamilNadu where DMK IT wing and Dravidian party supporters started to post #TamilNadu.

Meanwhile, DMK Treasurer and MP TR Balu slammed Governor saying that Governor Ravi should stop acting as a second State President of BJP.

"Governor RN Ravi on a daily basis passes some controversial comments to create confusion, separation and conflict. The governor said 'People have been cheated during 50 years of Dravidian politics'. It is highly condemnable as he should say this from BJP State headquarters Kamalalayam and not from Raj Bhavan," Mr Balu said.

He further said that the Governor is saying in all stages everyone should think of themselves as Indian.

"Yes, there is nothing wrong with having a unity feeling as an Indian. But can the governor raise questions against religious politics, Varnasanam, Sanathanam which are all against that unity," he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, speaking at a function held in Raj Bhavan to felicitate the organisers and volunteers of Kashi-Tamil Sangamam, Governor Ravi said, "Unfortunately in Tamil Nadu there has been a regressive politics that we are Dravidians, and by virtue of the Constitution, we have been brought together. The entire effort has been created in half a century to reinforce this narrative that we are not part of the nation, an integral part of the nation. And even a different kind of narrative has been created. Everything applicable for the whole of the country, Tamil Nadu will say no."

"It has become a habit. So many theses have been written--all false and poor fiction. This must be broken. Truth must prevail. In fact, Tamil Nadu is the land which holds the soul of Bharat. It is the identity of Bharat. In fact, Thamizhagam would be the more appropriate word to call it," the Governor said.

Following the Governor's speech, Thamizhagam is more appropriate than Tamil Nadu Twitter is buzzed with #TamilNadu.

Handles of DMK IT wing and Dravidian supporters trending #TamilNadu to show their resistance towards the Governor's speech. 

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