Tourist Misbehaves With Flight Attendant, Goa Top Cop Says No Complaint Yet

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) or Goa Police has not received any complaint from Go First airlines for the alleged misbehaviour of two passengers onboard the Goa-Mumbai flight on January 6, said officials on Sunday.

Speaking to ANI, North Goa Superintendent of Police (SP), Nidhin Valsan said, "We have not received any such complaint in this regard. However, when the news spread we contacted airport security authorities but they also said that have not received any such complaint from anyone at Manohar International Airport at Mopa in Goa. We also spoke to senior officials of CISF they have also denied any incident. Neither we have got any complaint nor any information has been received in this regard."

However, a Go First spokesperson in a statement on Sunday said that two foreigners were offloaded from a Mumbai-bound Go First flight after they violated the flight safety rules.

The incident took place on January 6 when both passengers passed "lewd comments" to the crew members.

Both of them disrupted fellow passengers also, the spokesperson said.

"Two foreigners were offloaded from G8-372 Goa- Mumbai flight on January 6, after they violated the flight safety rules. Both passengers passed lewd comments to the crew members and disrupted fellow passengers too," a Go First Spokesperson said.

Following the incident, the Pilot-in-Command decided to offload them immediately. Both passengers were handed over to airport security.

"Pilot-in-Command decided to offload them immediately and handed them over to airport security. The matter was reported to DGCA for further action," the spokesperson added.

Earlier on January 6, in wake of Air India's mid-air urination incidents, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued an advisory to the head of operations of all scheduled airlines with regard to handling unruly passengers on board and respective responsibilities as per the regulations.

The guidelines come in the wake of back-to-back two urination incidents on Air India flights last year.

The DGCA said that it is observed that post holders, pilots, and cabin crew members have failed to take appropriate actions regarding the incidents of unruly behaviour and inappropriate conduct by the passenger on board.

In a statement, DGCA said, "In the recent past, DGCA has noticed a few incidents of unruly behaviour and inappropriate conduct by the passenger on board the aircraft during flight, wherein it is observed that post holders, pilots and cabin crew members have failed to take appropriate actions."

The aviation regulatory body further said that non-action or inappropriate action or omission by the airlines towards such untoward incidents had tarnished the image of air travel in different segments of society.

It said that the individual's responsibility for the handling of the unruly passenger has been specified under various provisions of Aircraft Rules, 1937, DGCA regulations, circulars, and manuals of airlines approved or accepted by DGCA.

The DGCA advisory also recommended keeping restraining devices inside Aircraft to control unruly passengers.

A senior DGCA official said that they recommend devices kept in aircraft cabin used to restrain unruly passengers of level 3 type i.e abusive physically violent category. The device looks like a handcuff. Equipment for the help of cabin crew. Some airlines in India like Air Asia are keeping it in the aircraft cabin.

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